Run York | Heworth Harriers

Run York and Heworth Harriers


Run York returns on Monday 29th March 2021, we will split our groups into 6 runners or less. Heworth Harriers will return in the coming weeks. Please sign up if you wish to receive email notifications on group activities.


We run three times a week, see further down the page for details of when and where.

Things to note:
  • remember to sign up if you haven't already done so.
  • please let us know before your first visit so we can look out for you.
  • book your attendance for every session using the Run England RunTogether Runner App.
  • wear suitable clothing and footwear for running.
  • on dark nights wear reflective clothing and accessories.
  • arrive 5 minutes early, we aim to leave on time especially on colder nights.
  • we run all year round, rain or shine, unless it is too treacherous!
When and where...
Monday's @ 6:30pm for 1 hour

Run York Logo
Meet on the Marriott Hotel lawn, Tadcaster Road

Back from 29th March 2021

Tuesday's @ 6:30pm for 1 hour

Heworth Harriers
Suspended until further notice

Thursday's @ 7pm for 1 hour

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Meet by the Millennium Bridge on the Butcher Terrace side

Back from 1st April 2021