Train with Run York Plus

Run York Plus Training Sessions


Run York Plus runs two programmes a year to prepare runners for the main Spring and Autumn marathons and half marathons.

Things to note:
  • membership is required in order to attend these sessions, click here to sign up.
  • please let us know before your first visit so we can look out for you.
  • the half marathon and marathon programmes start at 6 miles and 10 miles respectively, you should be comfortable running these distances before you start.
  • drink and nutrition breaks are provided during and after the Sunday long runs.
  • wear suitable clothing and footwear for running.
  • arrive ahead of time for a prompt start.
  • attendance is not compulsory!
When and where...
Wednesday's @ 6:30pm - Seasonal

We offer seasonal activities on Wednesday evenings such as trail runs in the summer and incline sessions in the winter.

Refer to the weekly newsletter or our Facebook page for details.

Sunday's @ 8:00am - Distance Training

The distance training programme runs twice a year; from mid-January until the end of May and from late June until mid-October. Outside these times we continue to meet for informal runs.

Meet in the car park on the right just before the entry barriers to the main David Lloyd car park.